Equal opportunities and non-discrimination, diversity and integration

Equal opportunity, non-discrimination and respect for human rights, which are basic principles of the company’s Code of Conduct, are also our guide when addressing the professional and personal development of all DRAGADOS employees.

DRAGADOS rejects discrimination on any grounds and especially because of age, sex, religion, race, sexual orientation, national origin or disability. DRAGADOS defends human and labor rights recognized by international organizations, and encourages, respects and protects the employee’s free exercise of trade union rights and the right of affiliation.

This commitment extends as well to the selection and career advancement processes, which are based on an evaluation of the employee’s capabilities, the analysis of job requirements, and  the employee’s performance.

DRAGADOS has in place programs that ensure compliance with equal opportunity goals. These Equal Opportunity Plans include specific actions regarding selection and recruitment, salary, training, working hours, career advancement, grants, bonuses and social policy, health and prevention of occupational risks, and gender-based violence.

DRAGADOS understands and welcomes the cultural diversity offered by the local communities where it performs its business and uses it to generate direct employment to meet its employee and management needs.