Our people


DRAGADOS’ success is based on the knowledge, skills, dedication and overall personal and professional qualities of its personnel, which is what give the company   its main competitive advantage.

DRAGADOS is committed to the continuous improvement of both personal skills and abilities and the application of a high ethical commitment and professional motivation,   striving to foster and mold  those skills  by providing technical training, encouraging innovation, and advancing specialization and a spirit of customer service, all of that being done with the utmost attention to working conditions and safety.


As a result, our teams of professionals:

  • Possess strong values.
  • Are committed to the growth of the company, business-minded and fully qualified to face and overcome challenges.
  • Understand responsibility, and can provide solutions to other teams or DRAGADOS projects.
  • Have the ability to adapt both functionally and geographically.

DRAGADOS has a history of commitment to social issues and particularly for those affecting minorities and the disabled.

Based on a company-sanctioned legal framework developed for this purpose, DRAGADOS  works with organizations seeking  work placement for groups or individuals in  need, providing opportunities for the underprivileged and for those groups of individuals covered by applicable federal, state, and local laws.